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Suffering a severe work-related injury that puts you out of a job can be devastating for your long-term health and career. At the law office of Bollenbeck Fyfe, S.C., our team of workers’ compensation lawyers examines your case and helps guide you through Wisconsin’s workers’ compensation program to help you secure proper insurance payments for your medical bills, lost wages and permanent disability. Many times, victims of work-related injuries are unjustly denied benefits by their employer’s insurance plans. Our goal is to make sure your case isn’t brushed to the side by compiling all of the proper evidence to prove your eligibility for the payment.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that covers all employees who have suffered physical injuries or mental trauma while on the job. This insurance program is required for employers who meet a set of specific criteria. For most employers, workers’ compensation is necessary if you have three or more employees. However, employers who run a farm must have insurance after they have hired six or more employees for 20 or more days. The first detail we look at once you come to us with a workers’ compensation complaint is whether or not your employer has coverage. If your employer does not have coverage, we need to determine if the employer is in conflict with the law.

Am I Eligible For Workers’ Compensation?

If you have suffered an injury or accident while on the job, you are most likely eligible for workers’ compensation insurance benefits if your employer has more than three employees on staff. Workers’ Compensation can also cover injuries while in the employer’s parking lot and while driving in the course of employment. Many legitimate claims are denied and our firm has extensive experience establishing employees to be in the course of employment and qualified them for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Our firm also handles third-party workers’ compensation claims if you received your injuries as the result of a negligent party who is not a co-employee.

What Should I Do If My Claim Was Denied?

It is wise to come to us for help immediately after the denial of a work-related injury. Our staff has extensive experience with workers’ compensation cases and is able to properly guide you through the process from the filing of a Workers’ Compensation application until the resolution of the case at a hearing. If you were unjustly denied, we are ready to challenge the insurance company to get you the insurance coverage you deserve.

Learn more about work injury claims by reading attorney Stuart Spaude’s article, “Workers’ Compensation Basics.” Or visit our page on what to do if you have been hurt on the job.

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