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Appleton Estate Planning Attorneys Help Clients Secure Their Legacy

Solidifying The Future For Individuals And Families Throughout The Fox Valley

It’s never too early to begin planning for your legacy, and at Bollenbeck Fyfe, S.C., we help you get peace of mind by establishing effective estate plans aimed at protecting your family’s future. We set up plans to properly distribute your assets and set up a guardianship agreement for your children after you die. Attorney Richard Bollenbeck has considerable experience with Wisconsin’s estate planning and taxation laws, and he knows the best course of action for your individual case. Each estate planning case is different and that is why our attorneys work to develop a personal relationship with you to achieve an estate plan that meets your succession planning goals.

Handling A Range Of Estate Planning Matters

Estate plans are an important tool in securing your financial future and making sure your family is taken care of after you die. To have your requests in writing can save you and your family from painful litigation and infighting down the road. The attorneys at Bollenbeck Fyfe, S.C., understand that estate planning encompasses a broad range of different services, and our team is ready to handle them all for you, including:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Power of attorney
  • Living wills
  • Revocable trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Marital trusts
  • Property trusts
  • Gifts
  • Tax issues
How We Help

Estate planning is a need that everyone needs to take care of at some time. Whether you are an individual or business owner, the attorneys at Bollenbeck Fyfe, S.C., have what it takes to get you results. Our main goal is to thoroughly review your current finances and net worth to establish a plan that works in your best interest. We look at the tax implications of your estate, as well as any property or assets that can complicate the process. We work diligently to reduce the risk of your heirs having to go through a complex probate process.

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If you are looking to establish an effective estate plan for your family’s legacy, make an appointment with Bollenbeck Fyfe, S.C. today by calling 920-949-0925 or contacting us online. We represent individuals, families and businesses throughout the Fox Valley. Our office is located in Appleton on College Avenue, one block east from the Appleton International Airport.