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Experienced Appleton Attorneys Work To Resolve Copyright And Trademark Law Questions For Clients

Safeguarding The Intellectual Properties Of Individuals And Businesses Throughout The Fox Valley

Copyrights and trademarks are the lifeblood of the business world. They set you apart from your competition and help you succeed based on your company’s own ideas and innovations. However, because of this the significance of these ideas, other companies will look to unjustly profit from your ideas, threatening your financial future.

At Bollenbeck Fyfe, S.C., we protect your ideas by helping you establish copyrights and trademarks for your business, as well as pursuing legal action if those rights have been violated. Our experienced business law attorney, Craig Kubiak, represents businesses and individuals throughout the Fox Valley with all of their copyright and trademark law concerns, including administration and litigation.

Pursuing Litigation When Necessary

When another individual or business unjustly gains a profit by infringing upon your copyright or trademark, legal action must be taken to protect your business. Although our goal is to avoid the court process, sometimes it is necessary to resolve your copyright and trademark law problem by going in front of a judge. At Bollenbeck Fyfe, S.C., we help you recover damages by gathering the proper evidence on your case to prove you are the sole owner of any copyright or trademark that was infringed upon.

Other Copyright And Trademark Services

Litigation is a small part of the copyright and trademark services at Bollenbeck Fyfe, S.C. Our business law attorney, Craig Kubiak, also handles a number of administrative services for clients, such as:

  • Copyright registration
  • Trademark registration
  • Royalty agreements
  • Franchising
  • Licensing payments
  • Trademark and copyright transfers
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Noncompete agreements

Without these issues taken care of, other businesses can profit off of your hard work, leaving you at a competitive disadvantage in your field. With our law firm by your side, business owners can be at ease knowing that their ideas, innovations and products are protected under Wisconsin law.

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