How dangerous is an intersection?

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Almost every time you drive, you’re bound to come to some sort of an intersection. It may be a two-way stop, where you have to wait for cross traffic. It could be a four-way stop, where everyone has to wait and take turns. It may even be a light-controlled intersection, where all drivers are just supposed to do as instructed by the automated traffic signal.

Regardless of how common they are, intersections are very dangerous. They’re so notorious for this that researchers have studied them to find the most dangerous ones in each state. Under normal driving conditions, going through an intersection could be the riskiest thing you do on the road.

Why is this? 

Crossing traffic will always carry risks

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like to turn left? Maybe they would rather take three rights and go around the block if it means they can avoid that left turn. Usually, the reason for their fear is that they have to cross oncoming lanes to make a left turn. There’s an inherent danger here because they have to choose the right time to cross those lanes. 

This is the same issue you face at an intersection. Even simply driving straight through means passing in front of other cars. You have to count on those other drivers to do things properly and to allow you to cross, just as you yourself have to legally cross at the right time. If another driver is reckless, distracted, intoxicated or simply incompetent, it can result in a serious car accident. 

Have you been injured in a crash at an intersection? You may be able to seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills and many other costs. Learning more about your options can help you decide.