Getting ready for fall motorcycling

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Fall is an exciting time for motorcyclists. It’s cool enough that the safe leather gear does not get too hot and warm enough that you do not need several layers to keep from shivering.

As you get your bike ready for fall, it is essential to take a moment to get yourself and your motorcycle ready for the changes in the weather.

Here are a few ways you can plan for a safer ride this fall.

Check your apparel

It is challenging to ride safely if you are too hot or too cold. While fall weather is great for riding, the fluctuating temperatures can make dressing difficult.

Consider having extra storage on your bike for storing layers of clothing. Depending on what time of day you start your ride, you may find yourself adding or removing layers while you enjoy the fall weather.

Changing visibility

In addition to the weather, fall brings shorter days. You may already be experienced at riding both during the day and at night, but as the days change in the fall, it is essential to be more aware.

Also, while you may be ready for the changes in visibility that come with shorter days, some drivers on the road may not be similarly prepared. In addition to making sure your motorcycle’s lights are in working order, you should also consider adding high-visibility outer layers to your apparel.

Everyone on the road has a responsibility to make sure other riders and drivers can see them. When you take extra precautions to ensure you are visible, you can reduce the likelihood a driver does not see you.

Wildlife adventures

The changing of the seasons also means changes for the wildlife that call Wisconsin their home. In the fall, many creatures are taking the last weeks before winter to gather food. When you are riding, be aware of areas that tend to have more wildlife activity.

It is critical to take extra precautions when the seasons change to be ready to enjoy your motorcycle safely.