Driver fatigue isn’t always caused by too little sleep

| Apr 29, 2021 | Firm News |

All drivers who get out on the roads should ensure that they’re alert enough to drive. Trying to operate a vehicle when they’re fatigued means that they’re likely to make errors that can lead to crashes. Despite what some people might think, fatigued driving doesn’t always stem from lack of sleep.

Understanding a bit about fatigued driving might help drivers avoid driving while they’re fatigued. It might also help them to spot fatigued drivers so they can stay out of their way.

What are some common causes of fatigue?

Besides not getting enough quality sleep, some drivers may face fatigue due to health issues. This can be because of the condition they have or because of the medications that are used to treat them. It’s also possible that monotonous driving or driving for long hours can lead to fatigue.

The time of day people drive may also contribute to fatigue. The body’s natural cycle of sleeping and being awake can lead to them being fatigued when they drive. This is usually most intense in the very early hours of the morning.

What are the signs of fatigued driving?

A driver who’s fatigued may fall asleep at the wheel. This may not be long since some will have microsleeps of up to 30 seconds at a time. They may drift from their lane or make dangerous decisions when they drive.

If you’re injured in a injured in a crash that was caused by a fatigued driver, be sure to get medical care for your injuries. You might opt to pursue a claim for compensation to help you cover the costs associated with the crash. This includes things like the doctor bills and missed wages. Speak to an attorney to determine what types of damages are possible in your case.