Why it’s better to get workers’ comp than to use health insurance

| Jan 8, 2021 | Uncategorized |

If you get hurt on the job, you might try to tough it out without going to the doctor or taking time off. If you have to seek medical care, you might think that the best approach will involve using your standard health insurance.

If you work for a small business, you might worry about the potential financial implications for the company of a workers’ compensation insurance claim. You might think that avoiding a claim will protect your employer or your job security.

While it is true that companies with large or repeated claims may have to pay higher premiums for their coverage, you are the one who will have to cover the costs if you try to use your own health insurance.

Your health insurance policy may decline to cover you

If you tell medical staff about how you got hurt, the chance is there for your insurance company to refuse to cover any treatment that you receive.

Insurance companies usually only have to pay in scenarios where they have liability or intend to subrogate the claim to another insurance company. If it is clear that your injuries should have workers’ compensation coverage, health insurance may not cover you at all.

Even if medical insurance covers you, it will leave gaps

Workers’ compensation benefits in Wisconsin help minimize the long-term financial impact of an injury on the job. They do so in part by offering total coverage for work-related medical conditions.

Your standard health insurance policy likely only covers your treatment after you pay a significant deductible. They may also require a co-pay every time you go to a medical facility or pick up a prescription. You may even have insurance that requires you to pay a percentage of the total cost of your care.

Workers’ compensation protects you by eliminating the financial losses you might suffer due to the cost of your care. There is also the potential to receive disability benefits if you can’t work while you recover or if you can’t go back to the same job. Exploring your right to compensation can protect you and the people who depend on you in your family.