Recognize and address distracted drivers on the roads

| Dec 24, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Distracted driving is a consistent and persistent issue on the roads in America. Unfortunately, there are people who do not pay attention to the roads, so they make mistakes that result in crashes with others.

In 2018, around 25% of all traffic fatalities were linked to distracted driving. In those fatal crashes, it was teen drivers who were the most likely to have been distracted. With around nine people dying from their injuries in car crashes every day, it’s more important than ever to understand how to recognize a distracted driver and what to do if you see one.

How can you recognize a distracted driver?

It’s not as difficult as you may think to identify a distracted driver. Look for signs of distractions such as:

  • Weaving within their lane or slightly out of the lane. Some drivers may go over rumble strips before correcting their vehicles.
  • Noticing a driver who is looking down is a sign that they may be texting or reading while driving.
  • Seeing a driver eating behind the wheel.
  • Noticing a driver who isn’t going the speed limit.
  • Seeing a driver suddenly brake while approaching traffic too quickly.

What should you do if you see a distracted driver like this?

If you see a distracted driver and notice that they are driving recklessly, it’s a good idea to back away from their vehicle and call 911. Though it may not be an emergency yet, alerting the local police to the driver’s behavior isn’t a bad idea. The police can stop them and make sure that they’re okay. In some cases, a driver may be unwell or struggling with a medical condition. In other cases, the officer can make