Autumn is here: Be safe when you ride your motorcycle

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Autumn is here, and now is a good time to talk about riding safely. While riding a motorcycle is something you can do throughout the year, now is the time of year when there could be lurking hazards that you don’t expect.

In the fall, some of the common hazards that could impact your ability to drive safely include:

  • Earlier nightfall
  • Slick roads from wet leaves
  • Black ice
  • Migrating animals
  • Cool or cold weather

Each of these hazards has the potential to cause a crash, which could end up putting you into the hospital.

Fall is also dangerous because of the way drivers think. Many people don’t imagine that they’ll see motorcyclists in the fall and winter, especially when it’s cold outside. As a result, they may not be looking for you as clearly as they would in the summer months.

How can you mitigate the risk of a collision?

To help prevent a crash, one of the things to do is to adjust your riding schedule. Try to ride during the daylight hours and avoid dawn, dusk and night riding.

Another good tip is to check out the weather before you go. If it will be cold and you have other options, then taking a passenger vehicle may be a better choice. Wind chill and frostbite can add up to significant hazards that could hurt your ability to ride safely.

Finally, remember to try to make eye contact with drivers as you ride. Use your lights, signals, horn and movement to draw attention, so you can be sure that they see you.

If you are struck, then the at-fault driver should be held liable for your injuries. Our website has more on what you can do after seeking medical care.