Workplace violence in America: A problem no worker should face alone

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No one plans to get hurt at work. Unfortunately, sometimes, people do get injured. This is particularly disturbing when the injury is a result of an attack by someone else.

Workplace violence is a concerning issue in America. It includes times when an employee:

  • Faces intimidation
  • Faces threatening behavior
  • Is threatened with physical violence
  • Is a victim of physical violence
  • Struggles with verbal abuse

Workplace violence is common, with 458 of the 5,147 fatal cases of workplace injuries being caused by the intentional actions of others. Many cases still go unreported, so the total number of violence cases may be underrepresented.  

Which workers are at a higher risk of experiencing workplace violence?

Workers who are more likely to face workplace violence include:

  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Public service workers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Those who work late at night
  • Those working in high-violence areas
  • Delivery drivers
  • Workers who exchange money with the public

It is important that workplace violence hazards are reduced as much as possible. Employers should have zero-tolerance policies for workplace violence to help prevent it from taking place. If it does happen, then those policies allow the aggressors to be removed from the workplace legally. 

Well-written and implemented prevention programs can work, as can safety training to help workers recognize violence in the workplace. If you are injured at work because of the intentional acts of another person, then it may be your right to make a claim against your employer for workers’ compensation. Your employer may be able to be held responsible for the injuries that you suffered in some cases, or you may have other avenues that you can pursue to seek the compensation you need.