Why do dogs attack and what to do if threatened

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Generally speaking, dogs are friendly animals that are easy to get along with. However, this doesn’t hold true across the board, as there will always be dogs that act aggressively toward humans.

Here are some of the many reasons why dogs attack:

  • Aggressive by nature
  • They feel threatened
  • They feel that you’re on its turf
  • They believe that you’re trying to take something from it, such as food

When you keep these reasons in mind, you can take steps to protect yourself.

Should it become apparent that an off-leash dog is going to attack, here are some things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Call for the owner: If the owner is in close proximity, call out to inform them as to what’s happening. It goes without saying that they want to avoid trouble as much as you do.
  • Find a barrier: Anything you can put between you and the dog will do. For example, a garbage can, fence or vehicle. This barrier protects you, thus giving you time to think about your next move.
  • Don’t run: When you run, it’s second nature for the dog to chase after you. It’s better to slowly move away from the scene, while ensuring that you never turn your back. You may think you can outrun the dog, but that’s very unlikely.
  • Distract the dog: For instance, if you have any food with you, throw it in the direction of the dog to distract them. This will take their attention away from you, thus providing enough time to sneak away from the scene.

If all this fails and you’re still attacked, do your best to defend yourself and get to safety. From there, call for help and seek immediate medical treatment.

Your health and well-being should take priority over everything else. Once you understand your injury and are on your way to recovering, turn your attention to the cause of the accident, the negligence of the dog’s owner and how to protect your legal rights. You may be in position to seek compensation for your injuries and other damages, such as lost wages.