Motorists are a serious danger to motorcyclists

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Motorcyclists realize that they are facing some very serious dangers while they’re out riding. For this reason, most of them are very safe drivers who follow the proper rules of the road. Some individuals, however, just don’t realize just how much of danger other vehicles are to motorcyclists. 

Think about this – other vehicles are responsible for two-thirds of the crashes that occur between a motorcycle and another vehicle because the other driver violated the motorcyclist’s right of way. The issue here is that many drivers think that the motorcycles on the road don’t have full rights to use the roadways because they are so much smaller than the average vehicle. 

Around 70% of motorcycle crashes that involve another vehicle occur at intersections. This is partially because the small size of the motorcycle makes it more likely to be hidden behind obstacles in the other driver’s line of sight. This might be because of bushes or other vehicles. 

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are likely to suffer serious injuries in these crashes. Some are fatal. If you consider motorcycle crashes to other vehicle crashes, you’ll find that motorcyclists are five times more likely to suffer an injury and 26 times more likely to die than individuals who are in another type of vehicle. 

For a person who’s injured on a motorcycle, medical care is likely needed. This can lead to costly bills. If you’re in this position, you might opt to pursue a claim for compensation so that you can hold the negligent driver liable for the financial impact of the crash.