Rollover crash leaves 3 injured, 1 dead and 1 facing charges

| May 12, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When drivers decide to get behind the wheel when intoxicated, their poor decisions could result in another person’s death or severe injuries. It is not fair for a person to do something that is dangerous or reckless and not face consequences, which is why so many drunk-driving laws and regulations are in place today.

In Green Bay, a man has been charged in relation to a fatal drunk-driving crash that took place on Sunday. He reported, based on the criminal complaint, that he was the one driving because he was the “most sober” of the people he was with that night. The 27-year-old man now faces a charge for homicide by the intoxicated use of a vehicle. He will also face three counts for causing injuries in the collision

What happened leading up to these charges? The driver’s accused of rolling his vehicle on Interstate 41 southbound. At the scene, he told officers he hadn’t had a drink for around four hours and that he had some beers and a Hennessey. Witnesses at the scene told the police that the vehicle had rolled over a few times. 

Three people are still hospitalized, with one expected to be paralyzed and another in a coma. A woman inside the vehicle was killed. So far, the complaint doesn’t say what the drunk driver’s blood alcohol content was when it was tested, but the police did mention smelling alcohol at the scene. 

Crashes like this are tragic because they’re unnecessary. Even victims who are in the same vehicle as a driver who crashes due to intoxication may pursue a claim. Their injuries are the result of another person’s choices, so that person should be held accountable.