What benefits come from a Wisconsin workers’ compensation claim?

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If you are seriously hurt at work or develop an illness due to chemical or environmental exposure on the job, you may feel uncertain about what rights and options you have when you need medical care or are unable to work because of your condition. Some people even mistakenly believe they will have to pay for their care out of their own pockets, which could not be further from the truth.

Wisconsin workers’ compensation insurance specifically protects employees who suffer injuries or medical conditions because of the job they perform. Filing a claim can connect you with important benefits that can help offset the impact of your injury or illness on your life and financial circumstances.

Workers’ compensation does more than pay your medical costs

One reason people may not file a workers’ compensation claim is because they already have good medical coverage and don’t want to cause any issues for their employer. What they may not realize is that workers’ compensation medical benefits offer 100% coverage, which means there’s no coinsurance or co-pay. However, medical coverage is only one of the benefits you receive through a successful claim.

Beyond those medical benefits, you can also apply for short-term or long-term disability benefits, which replace a portion of your lost wages. Additionally, in the event that your injury or illness will permanently impact your ability to work, you can typically also request job training to help you find a new career with comparable pay.

It’s better to apply for workers’ comp benefits sooner rather than later. An experienced attorney can help you improve your chances of getting the benefits you need and deserve.