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Police search for truck in fatal auto accident in Appleton

Police have released video of a pickup truck believed to be involved in the hit-and-run death of a Wisconsin man. The auto accident took place sometime before 1:15 a.m. on Nov. 9 in Appleton. The dual-wheel pickup truck is red in color and has lights over the back wheels and windshield.

The victim was not conscious or breathing when he was found by police near the traffic signals at Wisconsin Avenue and Ballard Road. He was transported to Appleton Medical Center, but medical personnel were not able to save his life despite their best efforts. A mangled bicycle was found near the man’s unconscious body. It appeared as though a vehicle struck it.

Around the time police believe the accident happened, the red pickup was captured on camera proceeding east through the intersection at Ballard Road. Police recently identified the victim; but are still searching for the vehicle and the driver deemed responsible for his death. Appleton police are asking anyone with information regarding either the accident or the suspect vehicle to either call or text the department.

It is hard enough for families to be told that a loved one has died unexpectedly. Not knowing who is responsible for that death and how it happened can make it even more difficult to cope with. One primary question for most families who have lost someone in a hit-and-run is how could the driver just keep going and not stop to at least try to help.

There may always be a lingering question of whether their loved one would be alive had they got to a hospital sooner. Once the driver involved in this auto accident is found, the family may file a wrongful death claim against that person or persons. For many families, it is less about any financial restitution and more about holding the driver accountable for the death of their family member.

Source:, Appleton police ID fatal crash victim, seek truck, No author, Nov. 10, 2013

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